CNC Machining

Help shape the next generation of maritime defense by channeling your CAD/CAM software expertise and G-code knowledge to craft highly precise prototypes and components for defense machinery and submarines.

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What is CNC machining?

CNC (computer numerical control) machining employs computer-controlled machines to precisely shape and cut all types of materials, from unique polymers to the strongest of metals. This incredibly accurate technology translates computer-aided designs (CAD) into a set of instructions known as G-code that guide the machine on how to move and cut the material with absolute precision.

This tech enhances efficiency, accuracy and safety in the manufacturing of defense machinery and offers numerous benefits.

Ensuring precision

It offers exceptional accuracy, minimizing the risk of human error and ensuring components are manufactured to exact specifications for proper fit and functionality.

Producing complex geometries

It can craft intricate and complex geometries, allowing the creation of various military machinery components such as propellers, turbine blades and more.

Replicating consistently

Once the program is set up, machines can replicate the same movements and cutting operations accurately, ensuring uniformity and consistent results across multiple production runs.

Prototyping & creating variations

Design changes can be incorporated into the digital program quickly, allowing the production of updated parts and prototypes without significant delays or retooling.

Providing efficiency

These machines operate consistently and enable high-volume production at reduced time and cost compared to traditional manual methods.

A group of craftspeople dressed in safety gear working in a factory.
A craftsman wearing a hard hat and goggles standing and smiling.
A female craftsperson in safety gear working on a machine.
A group of craftspeople dressed in safety gear working in a factory.

Extreme precision for extreme situations

In the world of maritime defense, precision is essential. Whether it's assembling submarines or crafting advanced surveillance systems, CNC machining is essential for maintaining exacting standards.

Picture this: A reconnaissance drone equipped with precision sensors, manufactured with the utmost accuracy using CNC technology, provides real-time intelligence to ground forces in a hostile environment. Your expertise in precision machining helps ensure mission success and the safety of our military personnel.

Your career will have a profound impact on safeguarding lives and enhancing operational effectiveness in defense operations.


“I chose CNC machining because I wanted to find a passion from something not everyone in my family does … I wanted to do something different from everyone else.”

CNC Machinist, ATDM

Is CNC machining right for you?

Do you want a job in one of the most in-demand industries, where your keen eye for detail and your love of working with your hands will help propel the future of military machinery?

CNC machining may be the perfect opportunity for you.

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Shape the future of manufacturing

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You are a master machinist. G-code is your second language and you’re an expert on the lathe.

Whether you’re an aerospace, architectural or medical-device machinist, your expertise lays the groundwork for advancing military technology. Explore how your skills can drive innovation in defense manufacturing.

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